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Our Digital Footprint


With 26 years experience we truly have harnessed the ability to bring your business to life. Through our creativity and state of the art machinery we provide innovative and quality print solutions.


“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” –Steve Jobs


From conception to delivery of your product, We strive to offer a quality and passionate driven service. In this way we too are invested in the success of your business.


“The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.”– Tony Robbins

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Conception / Design

Experienced DTP / Design staff dedicated to inspiring new ideas and bringing your product to life.
Operating from creative suite and many other design programs we offer you the best possible prepress service, helping you achieve your end print goal.


“Creativity is contagiuos, pass it on” –Albert Einstein


Offering various forms of print our Litho, Digital and Large format divisions are state of the art.
Highly skilled minders make it easy to turn your print dream into a reality.


Finally we offer many finishing solutions to complete your product.
ie: Varnishing, Laminating, Die Cutting, Glueing, Stitching, Trimming, Collating

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Markets & Products

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Order Books
GRN Books
Laundry Slips
Stock Control Books
Waiters Doc
Conference Pads
Keycard Holders
Door Handle Hangers

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POS Display Items
Tent Stands
Custom Stickers

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Delivery Note Books
Driver Books
Trip Sheet Books
Defect Books
Fuel Req Books
Breakdown Req Books
Vehicle Inspection Books

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Discharge Forms
Prescription Snap Sets
Patient Files
Blank Labels
Record Charts

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Training Manuals
Text Books
Student Files
Registration Forms

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OB Books
Pocket Books
Gate Register Books
Fire Arm Registers
Vehicle Access Books
Order Books
Receipt Books
Contract Books

* Products above are only but a few of what we offer, do not hesitate to
contact us with any other product requirements.

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Cosmetic Shippers
Perfume Boxes
Health Bar Boxes
Cereal Boxes
Entry Form Boxes

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POS Boxes
POS Shippers
Custom Gift Boxes
Till Point Shippers
In – House Stands


Vitamin Boxes
Protein Carry Cartons
All Display Shippers

Packaging has become one of our core areas of manufacture, as we offer a service that takes you from the conception of a new design to the final product.


We range from normal boards / SBS and Corrugated boards which allows us to print for almost all forms of packaging required.


We have differentiated ourselves by offering both start ups and large industry the same competitive pricing and service from beginning to end.

* Products above are only but a few of what we offer, do not hesitate to
contact us with any other product requirements.

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Speciality products & Promotional products

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Variable Data Printing
QR Coding
Name Tags
Scratch Cards

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Full Colour Labels
Speciality Labels
Drum Labels
Blank Labels
Thermal Labels

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Outdoor Signage
Indoor Signage

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Desk Calendars
Wall Calendars
Tent Cards

* We are a registered agent with Amrod ( one of the largest promotional wholesalers in Southern Africa ). So we can supply you with all corporate gifting and stationary as per there online catalogue.

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* Products above are only but a few of what we offer, do not hesitate to
contact us with any other product requirements.


Why we choose print

1. Print is tangible


Unlike a marketing email that may end up in a spam folder, or a tweet that has an impact for a few hours, print is physical. This means that a potential customer could pick up that magazine or brochure months after its publication and still be persuaded to purchase your product or service.


2. Print is credible


Internet marketing may be the ‘in thing’, but some websites you choose to advertise on may not look like important or reliable sources. Print, on the other hand, has that credibility. This means that your business or brand instantly has credibility and reliability too!


3. Print establishes your brand


It’s hard to deny that print marketing is absolute gold when it comes to branding! Aesthetic elements of your brand come into play, such as font, graphics and photographs.The result? Your brand is instantly recognised!


4. Print helps you reach your target market


Certain print publications are aimed at certain demographics and niche markets. Choose the print media that best fits your company’s target audience and advertise away! These individuals are more likely to become potential  customers, as they’re already interested in what you have to offer.


5. Print is more engaging


Think about the last time you picked up a physical piece of print, such as a magazine or a brochure. Chances are, you spent more time actually reading it than you would have reading a web page. Web sites are made for skimming and cherry picking the information you need. Reading a physical piece is for enjoyment and relaxation.


6. Print is more personal


Print is something that your potential customer can take home and read on their sofa. It will appeal to them and their interests on a personal level and will make them more likely to buy.


7. Print gives you a competitive edge


With more and more companies jumping on the online and social media bandwagons, print advertising has become the minority. This means that your print advertisement is less likely to be lost in a sea of marketing campaigns.

* Products above are only but a few of what we offer, do not hesitate to contact us with any other product requirements

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